Friday Photo Challenge – Nostalgia

I have decided to join in the fun. It is the perfect subject for me as I was born nostalgic.

The transient nature of life experiences are one reason why we take photographs. Like time travelling, photographs are a way to give life to the past, so we can imagine again that moment in time, in all its visual richness.

Thanks to Sheree for sharing her photos inspired by Amanda and Sandy.


A visit from my parents in 2012 when we met up in Paris for Roland Garros!

Me with my mum and my stepdad

I am nostalgic about spending time with my parents who live far enough away that I can’t (especially now) just jump on a plane to go see them and nostalgic for sports events (so many cancelled this year) and also nostalgic for Paris where I haven’t visited for many years, even though it was once my home.


Well wouldn’t you know it, although I desperately needed a break from travelling the world, just before this dreaded virus popped up I had once again become excited at the idea of foreign travel.  And also as soon as I am told I can’t do something….it is pretty much all I want to do.

Our lovely Chilean friends at Osorno
Bike riding in the valley de la Luna
Lively, colourful Valparaiso

A few photos of Chili, on top of a volcano in the Chilean lake district, bike riding in the valley of the moon in the Atacama desert (social distancing, not an issue), and Jacques meandering the streets of Valparaiso.

If you have enjoyed this challenge, join in! Until the world is wide open again …… your photos are all we have!

A bientôt…………………………………………………. Christina

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