The new travel experience

photo credit travel and leisure : Airbus A340 landing at dusk at Vancouver international airport.

The future of air travel

Life onboard an aircraft is a micro world of its own. Unless you choose to fly on an airline called Woops or some other catchy little name which seduced you with its seemingly low price but then got you in the end with its add-ons, you will be subjected to the same class distinctions that we try to pretend don’t exist in the real world. First class “welcome onboard Lord Elpus, allow me to show you to your seat”, Business class “welcome back Mr. Smith you are in your usual seat by the window in the front row on the left.” Ah hello sir you are in Economy plus, nearly there but not quite” or finally economy“ welcome onboard you are in row 55 by the toilets, have a nice flight.”

Health and safety first

The knee jerk reaction to everything that happens in the world usually takes on extreme proportions onboard an aircraft.  Eg: Idiot lunatic tries to ignite a bomb in his shoe………..from now on all passengers are compelled to take off their shoes and have them screened or be made to stand on a box and have the ground agent wave a wand around their shoes for some time before being able to gather the rest of their belongings and make their way to the boarding gate. Beyond tedious for frequent travellers (thank goodness for Sebagos). As this only happens at some airports this causes great annoyance to certain travellers who have just came from an airport where they “didn’t have to do this”!

Eg.2 Other idiot lunatics attempt to blow up part of the terminal at an airport in Glasgow so no one is allowed to take liquids more than 100mls past the security checkpoint but instead they have to pack everything they need into tiny bottles in a little plastic bag, until further notice!!  It is for our own safety. That is now how it is.

So air travel during the Covid 19 ongoing crisis and beyond looks set to be, at least in the short term, the greatest show on earth.

They are now going to show us how clean and safe aircrafts and airports will be….


On the ground in France, we have gone from restaurants who cut the hot water presumably because a.) they are cheap and b.)  people have hitherto been too gaga to turn off the taps by themselves thereby wasting water and money, to relatively good hygiene with gel available as you enter their establishments and masked staff.

The same folks who brought us self-flushing toilets and hand gestured taps are busy working on robotizing the airline workplace. This may sound like a good idea to you but it will have dire consequences on the ‘travel experience’ and human experience in general. For one thing, we should be able to remember to flush the toilets ourselves (albeit with a hand gesture to keep things hygienic) and to remind us that we are responsible for the planet. How often have you seen people turn on the old fashioned style taps to wash their hands and then just walk away? I usually resist the temptation to chastise them and turn them off myself. The point is that when everything is done for us we become complacent and well, dumb.

So will airports have robots cleaning them and spraying who knows what all over the place? Already a fresh air free zone, this could have drawbacks. Jobs for cleaners will be replaced.  Thanks for all your hard work at the beginning of this crisis but you are no longer needed. More unemployment! Automatic check in and bag drops are already common place. 

Everything could soon become touch free. Remember the temperature screens that we walked through arriving in China after the SARS scare and other breakouts? Nothing too intrusive just a screen with different colours detecting fevers and possible cases of this that or the other. Now the tracking devices will be able to contact you and tell you whether or not you were in close proximity to a traveller with Covid 19.

Will airlines really be able to maintain the middle seat free for you safety? Not without you paying; that is not going to be possible. Getting rid of masses of employees and having the lucky few work for peanuts may ease your ticket price but ultimately at what cost?

Your new onboard customer experience….

Tracking devises have us split.  Some think it is a good idea; others are worried about their freedom. Personally, I am worried about us losing our humanity more than anything else.

Until next week for Your new onboard experience”.

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