I can never decide whether nostalgia is a good thing or a bad thing.

The Greek roots of the word nostalgia mean homecoming and pain; it has been considered a debilitating and even fatal medical condition expressing extreme homesickness. Lately it has come to mean something positive, an emotion that most of us experience sometimes and some of us experience often. 

Being stuck in one place makes you think a lot about whether or not you are where you want to be. 

The truth is that I want to be in more than one place. Even our semi nomadic ancestors liked to shake it up a bit. Some people, to whom I cannot relate, are perfectly happy not to travel. What a strange strange thing. A monocultural, sedentary existence is not for everyone.

The place I miss the most is my jewel of a hometown sitting on the southwest corner of Canada.

Until the restrictions ease here in South West France and over there in South West Canada and the time comes to  discover more of the first and reunite with the latter I will remain nostalgic for my old job . The view from my hotel room and the lovely botanical gardens in Singapore, strolling through the gardens at Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, dashing up to London to exhibitions, concerts and musicals and trying to stay awake in Sydney.

As we seem to really be coming out of the pandemic (something I highly doubt I will ever be nostalgic for) it seems that I can start dreaming about getting back to my roots.

For the next few months before free travel is truly back on the cards I will continue to explore this region. Keep calm and carry on!

Toulouse, la ville rose, my adoptive city!

Follow me on my travels mostly around Occitanie and occasionally on my nostalgic journey ‘home’.

A bientôt ……………………………………Christina


  1. As you say, the meaning of nostalgia has drifted a bit and is now given a positive meaning, especially in terms of a creative inspiration, or in this case by inciting to travel. I also feel a certain nostalgia from my past visits to Toulouse, I hope to make it one of my first destinations in France.

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  2. So interesting. I never associated nostalgia with pain – well, outside of a link to semi-loneliness. Existence monocultural of non-travel is not me either. Covid times haven’t been easy for travelers – but I’m patient – but hoping to be able to return to Europe in 2022.

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    • Yes, and likewise I look forward to getting back to the US. I feel a oastal road trip coming up…..I hope for you and for all of us that we can get back out there soon🙏


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