7th Art – Celebrating Cinema

The Cannes Film Festival is opening today, let’s celebrate the 7ème Art, as it is known in France. 

Spike Lee (Jury President), Sean Penn, Nanni Moretti, Asghar Farhadi, just to name a few will be at this years festival. From 6th July until the 17th 2021 it will be even more glamorous than usual on the côte d’azur. 

“The 7th art”, is attributed to Ricciotto Canudo, who coined the term in 1911. Film was a new concept then; he saw it as “a synthesis of dance, music and poetry, architecture, painting and sculpture”. He spent much of his time in Paris , though he was Italian and advocated for film to be included amongst the fine arts, and so it became the 7ème Art, in Europe anyway.

Notable cinemas in Toulouse

In the centre of town close to Place du Capitole is the American Cosmograph.

zombie festival @ American Cosmograph

After opening in 1907 and taking on a few names over the years, like Utopia which it was when I first settled in Toulouse, the American Cosmograph has gone back to its roots. Since 2001 it has been classed as a cinema “Art et Essai” (tending to show independent films, in their original language). Located in the former royal academy of opera and classical music, from the XVII century, it has three projection rooms and a little glamour from a bygone era. Couldn’t we all use a bit of that!

The cinema organises events: evening debates, ciné-concerts, avant-premières, retrospectives, etc. and regularly invites directors and film crews to these events. 

💰 Every first film showing of the day and all shows on Wednesday are only 4 euros!

Visit : www.american-cosmograph.fr for program info

L’ABC is another “Arts et Essai” cinema. 13 rue Saint-Bernard 

In 1950, a handful of film teachers created the, Ciné-Club de la jeunesse de Toulouse. A film club for young movie goers in the city. They rented the cinema in the Saint Sernin neighbourhood where they projected their films. In 1966 they bought and transformed the cinema,  A few years later it had three screening rooms and was one of the first in the city to get the classification “Art et Essai”. 

Visit : www.abc-toulouse.fr 

La Cinémathèque  – 69 Rue du Taur, 31000 Toulouse – 

I love this cinema! Located on rue du Taur (a street so pretty you won’t believe it), right in the centre of town, which goes from the Place du Capitole to the beautiful Basilica of Saint Sernin. 

It was founded in 1964 by cinema lovers including Raymond Borde (a director/producer from Toulouse). More than just a cinema, it also houses archives and hosts exhibitions. During the summer months they have outdoors shows, later in the evening when the city cools down. 

Visit: www.lacinemathequedetoulose.com 

Le Cratère 95 rue Saint- Michel tel 

Is a small cozy cinema with 80 places and brick walls. The league of teachers of the Haute Garonne department organise the programs. Also a cinema “Art et Essai”, this place shows new releases and rare independent films as well as classics.

They show full feature and short films and each year in the autumn they organise “A propos d’Elle(s)” a reflection of women in film.

Visit www.cinemalacratere.com 

For blockbuster films and some lesser known films (often with an option for the original or dubbed version) you can head to the Gaumont Wilson. It is more expensive for sure but on days where the thermometer 🌡  hits 40° it suddenly seems worth it. 

Visit www.cinemaspathegaumont.com

Around Toulouse (in the ‘burbs)– There is a new UGC cinema  at Montaudran www.ugc.fr and there are is a Gaumont at Labège.

The American Cosmograph has a sister cinema in Tournefeuille which still calls itself the Utopia. It’s a lovely cinema! Visit www.cinemas-utopia.org

Upcoming Cinema Festivals If you weren’t invited to Cannes…..

Cinéma d’Afrique  –  20 until 29 August 2021

Since its creation, Africlap, this cinematic festival in Toulouse and around Occitanie devotes its program to the savoir faire and cinematography from African cultures. A diverse program around African culture including but not limited to film.  As well as cinema, there are concerts, arts and craft wares, storytelling, workshops and more.

Visit www.africlap.fr 

Would you believe there is a festival ‘Film Grolandais’ in Toulouse? Yes it is a real (fake) thing. Joy hospitality and cowardice are the mottos of this fake country (Groland)

This year they are having the Grolympics!  I am guessing that is the fake olympics in the imaginary world of Groland. Zany will be the order of the day 

Port Viguerie from the 22 – 26 September’ 2021.  

“And now for something completely different” (and not so silly)

The International Festival of Environmental Films – Monday 27th September to Sunday 3 October 2021.

Organised by the association FReDD (Film, Research and durable development), 

this year the theme is “ACTIONS “ (facing the upheavals of natural balances). The festival proposes to raise awareness using audiovisual supports. From around the globe, films will be showing ecologic and energetic transitions and initiatives to help combat climate change.  

Cinespaña – The Spanish Film Festival 

Cinespaña 2021 Friday 1 October to Sunday 10th October

Films will be shown at various cinema around Toulouse and the region of Occitanie.You can discover the best films from a competition of feature length, fiction and documentary films, a panorama of this years best films from Spain.

‘Rencontres du cinéma Italien à Toulouse’

Last but not least is the Italian Film Festival in Toulouse, from the 26 November to the 5 December 2021 at various cinemas around la ville rose. visit http://www.cinemaitalientoulouse.com

I hope that you have enjoyed this post about Cinema in Toulouse.

Follow me to keep up with my on my travels around Occitanie…….à bientôt Christina

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