Toulouse Land of Rugby.

With less than a year to go until the Rugby World Cup 2023, the momentum is already gaining. It is going to be a huge party and you’ll want to be here.

When you think of Toulouse France what comes to mind? Toulouse, la ville rose, conjures up an image of unique pink brick architecture. Southern French Gothic ;the church of the Jacobins, the hôtel particulier known as the Bemberg Foundation and many of the simpler modest dwellings in the city have been created from the famous Toulouse brick.

The colour changes from pink in the early hours of the day, to deep terracotta with the warmth of the sun, to nearly magenta in the evening as the sun disappears over the Garonne river.

The city’s myriad terraces are filled with locals and visitors alike. The city is well known for its gastronomy. The important student population keeps the city young and vibrant despite its origins in antiquity.

The city is intrinsically linked to aviation, from the days of Antoine de St. Expery to the giant that is Airbus today. The fourth largest city in France is also the H.Q. of Aerospace Valley, bringing together a large number of companies involved in aeronautics, space, satellite and drone systems and everything these industries entail. Toulouse is also a ville savante, a city of great thinkers and innovation. In 2014, the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences was attributed to Jean Tirole, of Toulouse school of Economics. But alas there is a time for ingenuity and a time for celebration and what really brings this city together and all the people of the region of Occitanie is a love for the game of Rugby.

The city, and the entire region of the southwest, have a truly strong tradition in rugby.

If you haven’t been to Toulouse or if you haven’t been in a while, now is the time to start planning your visit. You will be welcomed with southern hospitality and a vibe that is wholly and completely conducive to enjoying yourself while appreciating art and history…..and rugby.

sunset on the River Garonne

I hope that you have enjoyed this post about rugby fever and should you wish to plan a visit to the pink city don’t hesitate to get in contact. You can also use this site to learn about the city of Toulouse and the region of Occitanie. Follow me to keep up with me on my travels around beautiful Occitanie…………………….à bientôt Christina

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