Festival de la Cité

Carcassonne, Festival de la Cité   Ode to l’Aude Aude is one of the regional departments formerly of the Languedoc Roussillon now part of Occitanie that borders Haute Garonne, the department where Toulouse is located. As you drive along the A61 from Toulouse, the ‘autoroute des deux mers’, towards the Mediterranean you have the Canal…Read more »

La Grande Motte

A few kilometers east of Sète along the coastal road is the impressive and original city of LGM. To cut a long story short La Grande Motte is a city built out of a swamp. From afar and from the water you will see unusually shaped white concrete buildings emerging from the sand but make…Read more »


  I decided that my first destination post needed to be about Sète.  As summer is upon us, with music festivals in full swing and modern France’s birthday, the 14 July is a day to celebrate and Sète is a wonderful place to ‘faire la fête’. However you come to be in the vicinity of…Read more »

The Region

  Occitanie – C’est what ? Occitanie, since 2016, is the result of an arranged marriage between the regions of Midi Pyrénées and Languedoc Roussillon.  Formerly 22, there are now 13 regions in France.  Though Occitanie is not exactly a secret, it may not be the first destination that people think of when visiting France.  I…Read more »

Birth of a blog

I woke up early one day in Riyadh and had an epiphany.   Sitting in a luxury hotel room during the winter Olympics, I  turned on the TV as I often did during my ‘layovers’, alternatively to drown out the sound of traffic or kill the silence of being alone and far from home.  On this…Read more »